Monday, March 24, 2008

An Ode to my GirlFriends

I've been fully occupied these days. There are so many things that I wanna pour down but everytime I starting to write, I went blank. Too many event is starting to loose its track. But I will try to make it up, sooner or later. Just a matter of time. At least, it will be my personal record.

I had a girlfriend outing yesterday and it was fantastic!

I don't really have bestfriends though. Really. But these 3 are the closest ever. Hmm.. I want to take them as my bestfriends, but I rarely call, sms, email, or any sort of contact that don't give me the privilege to use the title. I also don't have any idea how's your life, problems, love life, etc etc etc. But you guys never mind I am being me (being the don't-care-me), so I am going to say this, all of you are the bestest friends. Ever. That I couldn't ask for more.

Ahhh.. I'm being sappy. Ok back to the happy moment.

Looking back yesterday, we just did the routine, lunch, movie, shopping, chatting. But it was fabulous! Maybe because it's quite long we didn't see each other. The most important thing is, all of us wearing gedik clothes! Hmm susah nak explain. I need to show some pics for you guys to visualize but heck, we didn't snap any full-pose pic, boleh?? Arghhhhhh..

The lunch is yummylicious as usual. We had scrumptious asam prawn, belacan brinjal, foo yong egg and rice at Mdm Kwan. But... the waiter who served us bodoh ok! Tiba2 emotional when I remember it. He put the plates roughly. Macam lempar2 tu. Siap ada bunyi ok when the ceramic meets the wooden table.

I don't know lah if it is just me or he is really hmm..rude. But Rena said the same thing! So he IS rude. No way lah I am coming to Mdm Kwan MidV after this, unless no choice.
Below is some of the pictures while waiting at Mdm Kwan.
Hey, what's up? Guess who?
(Can you see the baju gedik in shocking pink :P)

I am froggie the umbrella!


That's the last pics taken. Mielia's froggie umbrella. A souvenir from Japan frm the boss. Cute isn't it? After that lupa nak snap any pic at all ;(

We were busy doing other activities. We watched Horton Hears a Who?. Rena menangis okkk tengok cerita ni. Well, me too but that's exceptional because I even cried watchin Mukhsin. Hmm.. apsal lahh kann. Anyway, Mielia and Shani, you guys cried as well right? Cover pulakkk :P

Hmm what else? Oh ya, the shopping spree is ridiculous ok! I got this linen pant from Arcadia off to 60% which take it down to RM23 something. It's freaking cheap! So I made a wise decision, bought colors that I won't buy at normal price. So I have this TWO shades of pink. Lighter and darker. The darker one looks like datin2 ok..and I can wear it only with white shirts I think. I wonder when I am going to wear it *sigh*. Well, the lighter one also only can match with white shirts. Duh~ But it is so cheapo so tak kisah lah kan. And I am wearing 8 now!! It's a stupid Large ok! I was in S before. It's a bit longar for me but M is a no-no. Too tight and not comfy anymore. Hmmm..but I still can fit in 3 for shirts. Hmmhmmmm... not good, not good. I need to do the yoga thingy ASAP.

We end our meeting with takoyaki in the car. It is soooo yummylicious! I am addicted to it now!

I love you girlsssssssssss!!!!

Even though I rarely keep in touch, that doesn't mean I don't care about you guys. It is just me. I don't get attached to people. This entry also goes to all my close friend. And my new friends. You know who you are ;)

I do love you all. It is just me ;)


  1. Dear, this is such a long post (and sappy) you've ever written-I think ^_*

    But nontheless, love u too, dear.

    Keluar with you girls sentiasa makes me feel muda mudi :D

    p/s: manader me nanges, me kan macho :p

  2. hello.. me nanges pun sikit2 je tau!!

    yeay, baju pink me ada dlm gambar!!

  3. Shani,
    I can see the tears rolling down ur cheek like crazyy!! Hahaha pandai2 je me buat citer. Anyway, we owe each other a dinner in Suraya's tau!

    You are the worst laaa hahaha. Me can HEAR u crying ok!! :P
    And me jeles with the bajuu. Mencikkkk.

    Well, both of you are wonderful ;)

  4. Aha..jom dinner kat Suraya esok :)